Dear BBC

Dear BBC,

I’ve not written to you before, but I wish to complain about the following article by your Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg:

Kuenssberg writes “When the report came out, Mr Corbyn suggested it had all been exaggerated, so got booted out of the Labour Party.” This isn’t just inaccurate, it’s knowingly mendacious. Corbyn hasn’t said, either then or at any other time, that the EHRC report, or the issue of antisemitism in the Labour Party, have been “all exaggerated”, nor is this his view. He’s always been at pains to say that action to root out antisemitism from the Party is necessary and vital. And by the way, being suspended is not the same thing as being booted out of the Labour Party.

The article also makes disparaging references to those advocating the reinstatement of the former leader: “Mr Corbyn’s noisy band of supporters”, “howls of outrage from Mr Corbyn’s backers – a familiar vocal group ” without informing readers of the substance of their arguments.

I’ve no issue with the BBC sharing points of view such as this that show transparent political bias, but it’s another matter when it comes from the BBC’s Political Editor.


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