Optimism of the Will

Dispatch from a community under siege

It’s not like it’s been a week when I’ve been scouring the news. I’ve been going out, meeting friends, going to a gig, just everyday stuff. But the war on the trans community is there all the time, you can’t escape it. Every day there’s more attacks, more developments – and they still have the…

Can Section 35 be defeated in the courts ?

Nicola Sturgeon left no room for doubt last week where the battle over Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill was headed – “this is something the Scottish Government will have to judicially review… I can say categorically, the Scottish Government will vigorously defend this legislation.” So how might this play out ? The UK Government…

Gender Recognition Reform: a Factsheet

Why you should read this The debate on gender recognition reform has been muddied by a torrent of myths and misinformation. Unfortunately the national media, instead of questioning spurious claims, has repeated and amplified all of these myths, while seldom seeking comment from LGBT organisations or from trans people themselves. You’re going to be hearing…

Wallasey Free Press

Issue 1:  28th November 2022A new voice for Wallasey Winter’s arriving later than ever it seems, but slowly, inexorably, the days are getting colder. So many people making desperate decisions. Can I afford to turn the heating on? How long can I keep wrapping myself in coats and blankets? For many families, Christmas won’t be…


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