Dispatch from a community under siege

It’s not like it’s been a week when I’ve been scouring the news. I’ve been going out, meeting friends, going to a gig, just everyday stuff. But the war on the trans community is there all the time, you can’t escape it. Every day there’s more attacks, more developments – and they still have theContinue reading “Dispatch from a community under siege”

Can Section 35 be defeated in the courts ?

Nicola Sturgeon left no room for doubt last week where the battle over Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill was headed – “this is something the Scottish Government will have to judicially review… I can say categorically, the Scottish Government will vigorously defend this legislation.” So how might this play out ? The UK GovernmentContinue reading “Can Section 35 be defeated in the courts ?”

Gender Recognition Reform: a Factsheet

Why you should read this The debate on gender recognition reform has been muddied by a torrent of myths and misinformation. Unfortunately the national media, instead of questioning spurious claims, has repeated and amplified all of these myths, while seldom seeking comment from LGBT organisations or from trans people themselves. You’re going to be hearingContinue reading “Gender Recognition Reform: a Factsheet”

DeSantis: raging against ‘medical authoritarianism’

In December 2021 Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis sent this melodramatic fundraising email – “No amount of smearing or whining from Fauci or Biden is going to cause me to sell out to their pursuit of medical authoritarianism. Indeed, Fauci lied to Congress about his involvement in funding gain of function research and should be prosecuted.Continue reading “DeSantis: raging against ‘medical authoritarianism’”

The Forde Report – first delayed, and now buried

Just a few days after Starmer became Labour Leader, an internal report leaked on social media, causing shock and outrage among Labour Party members. The report was intended to show the progress made by Labour in handling antisemitism complaints, but the accidental discovery of the message log of a WhatsApp group of senior Labour PartyContinue reading “The Forde Report – first delayed, and now buried”

Exploring the lies and hysteria around healthcare for trans kids

May 10th was the State Opening of Parliament. Included in the Queen’s Speech (read by Prince Charles) was a bill to ban conversion therapy, which controversially excluded trans conversion therapy. Almost the entire LGBT community were united in opposing the exclusion, and in a neatly orchestrated stunt, dozens of MPs were photographed in and aroundContinue reading “Exploring the lies and hysteria around healthcare for trans kids”

Cruel and inhumane: the Rwanda scheme

What is the Government scheme ? This is the agreement with the Rwandan government, which was published today. This morning, the papers were all reporting that asylum seekers would be sent to Rwanda “for processing,” implying something akin to the Australian system. This is inaccurate, and has led to a lot of confusion. Asylum seekersContinue reading “Cruel and inhumane: the Rwanda scheme”

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