I’m not going anywhere – and my conscience is clear

I was proud to stand with Jeremy Corbyn.

So now that we have a new leader with different politics, where does that leave people like me ?

My kind of politics isn’t about following leaders. It’s about comrades working together to make a change. The strength, passion and commitment that I see just in my CLP is what gives me the motivation to carry on.

The vision of a left led socialist government may no longer be on the horizon. But the tasks facing socialists are very similar to what they were 12 months ago. Nationally – winning the battle of ideas, not just by anti-Tory propaganda, but by arguing for fundamental principles of economic and social justice, anti-racism and so forth. Part of, and complementary to this: fighting for our ideas within the Labour Party. Locally – building links between Party, trade unions, and community; using our influence to make Wirral Council more responsive to the needs of residents and the views of local CLPs.

I see so much pain and demoralisation within the Labour Left. People using social media as a sounding board for their frustrations. There are many things that need to be said so I don’t want to be too critical; sometimes I just wish though that more of these energies were being used in a more positive way. The more that we can connect with people outside our social bubbles and make ourselves relevant to them, the better the basis for Left renewal.

I don’t know why some people think that staying in Labour means morally compromising yourself. It doesn’t have to. You can still fight for what you believe in, and thousands of socialists are doing exactly that.

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